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    1 Session 30 Mins/Session  One to One Taught in English and Chinese
    Ukulele One to One Class for Kids

    Welcome to the Ukulele One to One Class for Kids at Focus Music School. This course is a ukulele basic enlightenment course specially designed for kids. Let us take a look at the different ukulele tours with your passion and interest! Learning ukulele can improve your child’s musical quality and personal culture, and benefit for the rest of life. Ukulele is one of the easiest guides of plucked instruments. The shape of the Ukulele is quite small and cute, and its tone is very clear. Ukulele is very suitable for children's musical enlightenment. It is also suitable for adults who are new to music and interested in music.

    The Ukulele One to One Class for Kids of Focus Music School captures the characteristics of the ukulele and uses a professionally tailored music education system developed by our professional ukulele masters in order to develop students' interest of music and find the fun of Ukulele and music through the learning of ukulele at Focus Music, we can help the students to discover the beauty of music and life, so that students can have a preliminary understanding of the music and singing, and set the basic music literacy and foundation for the music and ukulele in the future.

  • Course Highlights

    The benefits of learning ukulele at Focus Music

    • Enhance self-confidence and gain a sense of accomplishment 
    • Cultivate students' artistic sentiments and cultural connotations 
    • Exercise the right and left hand coordination ability in order to promote the development of the brain 
    • Adjust the heavy study class or work stress, relax the spirit 
    • Enhance memory and hearing ability 
    • Enhance the control of movement and the rhythm of music rhythm

  • Suitability

    Children age 4-15 years old
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