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    10 Sessions 120 Mins/Session  Group Taught in Chinese
    People who don't have a foundation for painting always feel that painting is a very difficult thing. It takes many years of practice, and they do not have enough time to practice and draw.

    In fact, painting can be very simple! If we jump out of the limits of traditional thinking, and create with our own favorite colors and elements, the combining painting, design, technique and imagination will bring a magic to you.

    Art and painting is not a craft, it is more of a way of thinking, it can give yourself not only more than just a sense of accomplishment in completing a work, but also a deeper feeling of life. Learning art and painting may not bring material wealth, but it can certainly bring spiritual sublimation. Therefore, art education is really not to cultivate a group of "social artists" but to teach "life artists." Compared with painting, I hope that all of Nannanxi Art Studio’s students no matter what age can live an artistic life in the future.

    Art painting education has a very important relationship with students' thinking space and imagination. Formal but not stiff, fixed but not rigid, Nananxi Art Studio combines traditional painting tools with modern multi-art materials to create artistic creations as well as aesthetics.

  • Course Highlights

    • Even though you do not have any foundation, we will give you a variety of creative techniques.
    • Every creative course will prepare a variety of materials and painting techniques for students.
    • After the end of ten courses, your products can probably lay out a wall.
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    The adult who is interested in painting no matter what age and foundation
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  • 2018-10-15 - 2018-12-23
  • Every Thursday, Friday
  • 10:00 - 12:00
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