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    60 Mins  One to One Taught in English and Chinese

    During the drum course, students will learn how to play each part of the drum such as the Bass drum, Tom Drum, Snare drum, Ride and Crash Cymbal.


    When you sign up for lessons, you'll work with one of our awesome tutors to develop the skills and techniques you'll need to enjoy the music you want to play. You'll work through different repertoire and test your skills by participating in Rockschool exams. When you're ready, your tutor will encourage you to participate in Band Ensembles. Your ensemble will work with a tutor to develop performance skills, stage presence, and band dynamic. You'll be rocking out on stage at one of our performances in no time!


    Music is meant to be shared. At Frank's Music School you'll get the opportunity to put what you're learning into practice with regular opportunities to perform. Step on stage for the first time in front of your friends and family at one of our student concerts, or rock the stage for the crowd at community music festivals or events. Every experience is a good experience.


    Knowing how to use modern music making technology is essential for musicians. Whether you're laying down an original song or just taking a snapshot of where you're currently at with your playing, Frank and the team will help you develop the skills you need so you can use the technology to enhance your learning and produce your own music.

    • The course is the one to one course
    • The time can be negotiated with the master
    • Please get in touch to inquire about learning any other instruments.
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    Welcome all the level of students and the students' age needs to be above 7 years old.
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