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    50 Mins  Group Taught in English and Chinese

    Our course is based on the concept of natural expression. Children have their demands for expressing themselves through language, movement and art. Our purpose is to encourage them to develop the capabilities by nourishing their self-confidence and minimizing their frustration. During each course, we will give them a task or topic as the startup point of the day. They will be asked to follow the topic logically. The rest of their designs are all limits free. For example, if our topic is a catfish, kids are free to draw a catfish in the water, sky or universe. They can also draw a fish looks like a cat or even a bonus cat be the fish's friend. As long as they start from the topic and focus on the task, their trip of the brainstorm is inspired to go anywhere.

    Our teacher will give them advice and show them examples while they work on their drawing. Students will learn and follow if they really like it. 

    Brain Storm Kid's Art Free Experience class will be opened every week, students can join us at any time.

    Timetable: Friday,15:45—17:15

    Saturday,10:30—12:00, 13:30—15:00

    Sunday,10:30—12:00 ,13:30—15:00

    Please contact us before you join the class

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    • This course is the FIRST lesson of the Brain Storm Kid's Art Class, and it is a FREE EXPERIENCE CLASS.
    • kids age 4-10

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