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Why Choose iMaster?

We connect you with the large number of users of iMaster who are exactly your targeted customers. We also organize offline and online marketing campaigns and include our verified masters for free.

If you have extensive experiences or specific skills in a field, we will help you follow your passion and make a living from it. Our professional staff will handle the trivial work so you can focus on teaching and sharing, transferring your interest to a living.

How do you stand out from your competitors?

How could the customers trust your qualification and professionalism?

Are your courses suitable for the needs?

At iMaster, our verification system, big data and customers’ detailed reviews offer you effective solutions to all of the above.

How to become a master?

  • Verified as a master

    Create an account and upload files that prove your qualifications. Wait for five working days for verification result. Once you get approved, you can fine-tune your master page to present your own brand image.

  • List courses or workshops

    You can list one-on-one or group courses on your own master page. The customers can choose to purchase directly online or record your course information, contact you for the booking and go to the class for payment.

  • Deliver the class and engage interactively

    Teach and share your experiences, skills and knowledge with your learners. Help them improve and master that field as well. Encourage the customers to leave a comment on your page and respond to their reviews.