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  • Overview

    KFMAA Kung Fu Gym is committed to share and spread the culture of China martial arts.

    KFMAA New Zealand International Kung Fu Martial Arts Academy is a professional institution that specializes in various types of technical martial arts training.

    Our unique Chinese Martial Arts Programs are specifically designed for different students in the fields of Sanda, Weapons, Self defence and Tai Chi Quan.

    Currently, the Auckland branch has 600m2 of the training ground and is centrally located at 12A Clayton Street, New Market.

    Tai Chi Master: Qiao

    Our head coach is master BingYou Qiao. He is practised martial arts since childhood. In 1993 Qiao graduated from the Beijing Sports University, where he specialised in Martial Arts studies. Qiao is a martial arts professional who is a national level warrior and is level six on the Chen Style Tai Chi Duan system. Qiao is familiar with the Chinese national wushu competition routines and rules.

    In 1997, Qiao became the disciple of Master WenHu Yang who is the third-generation successor of Beijing Chen Style Tai Chi. Master Yang is a rare contemporary Chen Style Tai Chi master; his teachings are methodological and unique with a strong focus on real-life combat training. Qiao has been an esteemed student of Master Yang for over a decade and has gained profound understanding and insight of Chinese martial arts and especially.

    Coach Qiao is a skilled fighter with experience in both modern institutional and folk style martial arts. His teachings are scientific and rigorous, with emphasis on practical combat.

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  • Team


    Gavin John Hurlimann started practising martial arts (Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate-Do) in 1982 in New Plymouth. 1986 New Zealand Lightweight Kickboxing Champion (amateur) 1986 New Zealand Welterweight Kickboxing Champion (professional) 1989 New Zealand Welterweight Kickboxing Champion (professional) 2014 - 2016 Sanda, Boxing & Thai Boxing coach for City Boxing, 2014 - 2016 Sanda, Boxing, Thai Boxing & San Bu Kai Karate coach for Waikato Chinese Community Centre in Hamilton.

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