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  • Overview

    Communicate with the world in the art way

    Mulan Art Gallery was founded by Vicky Zhang who is an art lover and believes art is a way of life.

    The gallery is located in the amazing suburb Parnell where art and dainties, modern lifestyle and history meet up.

    Art is an expression of our love, thoughts, emotions and beliefs. It’s how our heart see the world, not just mind and eyes. And art should be the tool everyone can touch and use to upgrade our spiritual pleasure and inner strength. That’s why we created Mulan Studio. We want to bring the benefits of painting to more people.

    We offer different course options, for children and adults; with single experience workshop and continuous multi-session classes suitable for those who would like to advance the interest of painting. And there is private one-on-one and group options as well.

    For all the classes, we provide the tools and materials needed for the oil painting, like the oil paint, brushes, charcoal pencil, canvas etc.

    Our instructors are very experienced and talented not just in painting, but in teaching as well. We will guide you step by step. With the right method, you will witness very obvious progress in a very short time. And of course practicing is the necessity to become a master as well.

    If you have any questions before registering our class, please feel free to give us a ring or email. You can find our contact below.


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  • Team

    Yessica Chen

    Our painting instructor Yessica Chen has a bachelor degree in an oil painting of the Minzu University of China. She also holds a degree of Media Design School, New Zealand. Yessica is a truly contemporary artist with a professional background in both Asian and Western style art. Her artwork style spans multiple genres. In 2018, Yessica's works were auctioned at "Hong Kong Airlines·Chinese Racing Carnival". In 2017, Yessica's works were shown at UX BOX EQ, Auckland. In 2014, Yessica's works participated in Asian Young Artists Nomination Exhibition, China. And there are many other awards/honors Jessica received.

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Email: info@imaster.co.nz