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  • Overview

    Putting craft into coffee

    After 21 years in the coffee industry, we saw the need for better quality Barista training.

    Other training programmes teach basic skills, but not how to work confidently in the stressful environment of a café. Others focus on only one kind of machine, or work with one kind of bean – hardly the broad set of skills a master needs.

    Making coffee is a physical skill that must be learnt and practiced – and that takes time. We’ve designed The Barista Academy system to give you that time. You’ll refine your skills and develop your techniques with expert guidance, during our brain friendly practical training sessions.

    You learn the many ways coffee can be made, and develop your own unique barista style. So you’ll calmly and confidently be able to tackle the busiest environment – even with unfamiliar beans, or on an ‘old skool’ coffee machine.

    The right mix of training

    With the right balance of hands-on coffee training, applied theory and customer service training, the intensive 90 minute sessions are kept short to maximise your learning. You’ll also be one of only six people in class and you each have your own machine to use so you won’t have to share the steam wand and waste time standing around. The specialist workshops, seminars and industry events will round out your training. Use the online calendar to book a course that suit your training requirements and schedule.

    Take your pick of the best jobs

    Our graduates are in high demand. Training with The Barista Academy gives you access to our members-only job board, career advice, training videos and key introductions. You’ll also graduate with The Barista Academy work-readiness certification.

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  • Awards

    The barista academy is a member of both the New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association and the NZ Barista Guild.
  • Team


    In 25 years he has made millions of coffees and worked with blends from almost every major coffee NZ roaster, on almost every type of machine. At 19 he started as a kitchen hand at Sierra. Realising the Barista got paid more and all the attention from the girls, he began the journey to become an Master Barista. In 2006, after working in the busiest, award winning cafés like Sierra, Grace, & Atomic Coffee Roasters, he opened Fix.d Espresso – a café,Barista training school & hospitality recruitment company. An HSI accredited assessor, he’s taught both H.S.I and City and Guilds barista programs and worked as a contract barista trainer for a number of major coffee companies, as well as judging at a variety of competitions. In 2012 he participated in a coffee machine showdown for Fair Go, where he made coffee on a domestic machine to prove that you can make café-standard coffee at home. Committed to the industry, his company is a member of both the New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association and the NZ Barista Guild.


     With a career spanning across the entire hospitality industry, Rachel is passionate about creating an encompassing experience for customers. For her, it’s all about how food, coffee and service work together to keep the customers coming back. Bringing her background in café ownership and hospitality recruitment to her role at the Barista Academy, Rachel is focused on creating generations of “work ready” baristas. She wants to help boost the industry with baristas who are assets to business, who generate income and engage with the customers. She believes a great café shouldn’t need a loyalty card – great service achieves this without undermining profit margins. Rachel works within The Barista Academy co-ordinating training for our large corporate clients and franchises, working with industry partners around the world as well as a range of consulting services aimed to help business owners boost profits and create companies they’re proud to own.


    Cody started with humble beginnings making coffee at Mobil ‘On the Run’ and has gone on to work for Columbus Coffee, Auckland Live, Strawberry Alarmclock and Altezano Brothers, he now flits between work as a Breville Ambassador and The Barista Academy. His passion for coffee and Latte Art has also led him to work as Barista Ambassador at the Auckland Coffee Festival and The Chocolate & Coffee Show, as well as creating Latte Art for McDonalds and Fonterra’s advertising campaigns, Demonstrator at the Nespresso Creatista promotion and guest judging at Columbus Coffee Barista Championship.  Competition placings: 2016 Auckland Almond Breeze Smackdown Champion 2016 Meadow Fresh Latte Art Championship 4th 2015 Hamilton Atomic Latte Art Throwdown Champion


    Sam’s career in coffee began out of pure curiosity for the process of espresso. Naturally he aimed as high as he dared and got a job as a dishwasher at the trendiest five-story balcony cafe he could find. There he learned the basics of coffee and practiced every chance he got. He has worked as a barista at Milk & Honey, Osten, Paddock Cafe and Grey Street Kitchen. Since early 2016 Sam has had the privilege of working with and learning from Dove Chen, New Zealand’s 2017 Barista Champion. He participated as a coach and mentor for Dove’s National and World Championship presentations. Sam brings a diverse range of methods and experience to the class room. He has worked with a variety of brands including Supreme, People’s, Red Rabbit, Rocket, Black & Gold and Allpress. His knowledge extends well beyond coffee into the day-to-day workings of cafe life. He is passionate about curating a vibrant, professional culture in the industry and passing on his experience so that others can do the same.


    Jenny came to New Zealand for the nature and attended a barista course with Nic to boost her chances for a job. Little did she know that she would instantly fall in love with the coffee culture, the banter and the laid back way of life in New Zealand. With her degree in business studies and international experience in event management, she joined The Barista Academy as marketing manager and coffee trainer. Her bubbly personality, passion for coffee and organisation skills, (she’s German after all...) complete our little team.

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