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    Hello everyone, welcome to the world of tea culture, where you will learn about the history, types and brewing techniques of tea.

    I am a tea lover and have the professional background in this area. I was a protege of two well-known tea masters Guanting Yu and Yao Lu and started to work in the tea industry in 2012. I have rich experiences in tea performances, tea culture training and tea house management in China.

    In 2017, I set up a tea studio in Auckland to teach tea culture and connect with tea lovers. So far, we have successfully held 11 classes for both adults and kids, and 9 times of high tea party for tea and Chinese culture lovers to social connection with each other.

    We also conducted tea culture performance for charity or other public events.

    I hope to spread the Chinese tea culture to more people so that they can also enjoy the benefits that tea brings to our lives.

    If you love or would like to know more about tea, welcome to join us! 

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    We use the most intuitive and easy way for students to clearly understand the brewing techniques of various types of tea.
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