Who We Are

iMaster connects curious learners and professional experts together to learn, share, improve and have fun. No matter you are looking for to master an interest in the field of music, art, culinary, sports etc, or to upskill yourself in professional areas like business, finance, foreign languages and so on, you can find the master and class that suits your needs the most.

We believe that everyone has a huge territory of potential that is under-discovered, and that everyone has a dream to be a master in their passion area. We only live once! Why not from now on start exploring how far you can go and how much better you can be! Take the first step, book a class toward your own mastering path. You will be amazed about yourself.

Our Purpose

We are dedicated to the mission of helping people live on their passion. Centering on the mission, we aims to build up a learning and sharing ecosystem driven by technology that connects and empowers both sides of the learners and masters.