If you want to organize an event like experience workshop, seminar, public talks, conferences, experience tours etc., you can list your event on iMASTER to manage the whole process in a better way, and expose to more potential  attendees.

iMASTER opens the feature of event listing to institution account. If you have already registered as an institution master, you can create your event in the master center. If you list some events, they will show on your master page just below the classes list.

If you are not an approved master, and you represent a company, an association, or other types of organization, you can directly sign up institution account, you will find the event listing feature in your panel center.

By listing on iMASTER, you will improve your productivity on ticketing, attendees’ management, order management and payment. We can help translate your event into Chinese if you would like to involve more Chinese attendees.

You can easily generate a QR of your event to put it on your marketing collateral or share on social media. And of course you can directly share the event link.

Our payment process is organic with the online banking and will not generate any payment fee on you or your customer.

Just enjoy this easy way, and the bravo of your event!