iMASTER is an online courses booking platform that connects learners with training schools or individual experts in fields like music, sports, culinary, art, languages etc. We refer these training schools and individual experts “masters”, and learners “mastees”.


1. General terms of use

By visiting imaster.co.nz, you agree to accept our terms of services. If you do not accept these terms, please do not use this platform.

 2. Copyright

The contents on the platform including that provided by iMaster itself and that by registered masters are all protected by copyright. Please do not copy or reproduce the texts, icons, pictures and so on for any commercial uses.

 3. Privacy

Please refer to our Privacy Policy in the Help center. This policy includes terms on data collecting and use, cookies, payment and other privacy related issues.

4. Payment

iMASTER uses the world-famous payment solution provider Stripe. We do not deal with any bank account information directly. Any question or issue related to payment, please refer to www.stripe.com or contact their customer service. There is no charge for the buyers. But Stripe will charge the merchants 2.9% +$0.3 as service fee for each transaction. 

5. Language 

iMASTER has two types of language system, English and Chinese. You can change the language by scroll down to the bottom of any web page.

The two languages will be each other’s default language if you only create the content under one language system to avoid empty content under another language, resulting in missing your customers.

We recommend you to create or update the English content first. If you need any help with the Chinese copywriting, please contact us on account@imaster.co.nz

6. General rules for masters

6.1 You are responsible for that all the information you provide iMaster for verification is absolutely the truth and that you are qualified to teach the courses you list on our platform.

6.2 You guarantee that you have the copy right of the contents you provide on your master and courses pages. Any violation of copyright, you take the sole responsibility.

6.3 Once a student books your course according to your vacancy listing, you will honor the enrollment and take the professional manner to deliver the course. Any conflict because that you couldn’t deliver the course as agreed, you should take the full responsibility to the student.

6.4 You must present your refund policy on your page and must honor it when a refund application is submitted and the application is in line with your refund policy. In the case of the absence of your refund policy on the page on iMASTER and the buyer applies for a refund, you should take your responsibility. 

In the case of a refund conflict, you should deal with it according to the New Zealand laws and regulations. 

6.5 We reserve the right of deleting your account information and listing of courses when there is violation of laws, rights of the students or iMASTER’s service terms.

7. General rules for mastee

7.1 By using our services, you agree to these terms including the payment and cancellation terms.

7.2 iMASTER works as a platform connecting buyers and sellers. All the masters on the platform have their own refund policy. By placing the order, you agree that you accept that sellers's refund policy. In the case of a refund conflict, you should negotiate with the seller. iMASTER can help you negotiate on a fair basis, but don't take any responsibility of whether or not r how much the seller refunds your expenses. 

7.3 You have the right to leave a true and fair review to a master’s course. But please do not use personal-attack wordings if you are not happy with that master. You should take the responsibility of your comment.

7.4 We reserve the right of deleting your account information, comments when there is violation of laws, rights of the masters, or imaster’s service terms.

8. Changes of the terms

These terms of service may change from time to time and is not subject to prior notice. Any service should comply the most current version of the terms.

If you have any question about these terms, please leave us your message from the contact page.   

Email: info@imaster.co.nz